​Tracy Arner - Project Manager,                                     Lead Reseacher

Lana Garner - Lead Programmer,

                        Graphic Artist

Cheri Tenhouse - Lead Instructional


Megan Bracewell - Lead Evaluator,



Nora Cloonan - Script Writer, Audio

                            Specialist, Web site


At the end of this tutorial, the learner will be able to


  1. Summarize the evolution of Regional Commissions.

  2. Identify the current 12 Regional Commissions in Georgia.

  3. Recite the required members of each Regional Commission Council and their terms of office.

  4. Recall the primary funding mechanisms for Regional Commissions.

  5. Recount the basic powers of the Regional Commission and their role in providing oversight and assistance to local governments.

Instructional Objectives

Our client is:
Carl Vinson Institute of Government ::
University of Georgia

About Our Project

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government is creating a new curriculum to address development, engagement, and responsibilities for board members of the 12 Regional Commissions in the State of Georgia.   The new curriculum will include three delivery methods.  The first method will involve creating a series of tutorials concerning fundamental concepts related to the history and operation of Georgia’s Regional Commissions. Our project will introduce the learner to the history of Regional Commissions. 

The intended audience for this project will be the council members serving on the twelve Regional Commissions councils throughout the state.

Intended Audience